My name is Jerry Nordstrom.  I am the Founder and CMO of Lead Discovery where I excitedly tend to developing unique Internet Marketing strategies for the businesses who have partnered with us. Each day I passionately work with my team to dream up innovative marketing tactics, manage their deployment and eagerly analyze performance statistics.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction leading mid-sized businesses on their charge to compete at a level they never thought possible. The Internet truly is a great equalizer and my career goal is to learn all I can while helping as many businesses as I can achieve greatness.

A technogeek that loves to have in-depth discussions with anyone who is an open minded knowledge expert in their field. I am also an avid Golfer willing to hurt your ear with my hole-in-one story, frequently seen boogie boarding or building sand sculptures on the beach with a gaggle of kids. I travel a great deal with my family, speak terrible German, enjoy the company of funny even odd people, and love to experience something new as often as possible (due to ease, this frequently is food or new tech.)

My motto is Dream it, Live it, Love it because some of the happiest people I have ever met live their lives with a dream and a plan. They have a vision of their future, they attack it with zest and they enjoy the outcomes no matter how close they come to their intended mark. It’s the journey right?

This blog contains a collection of articles and links on anything that sparks my imagination. If you find something interesting don’t hesitate to add to the conversation. If you are Interested in Lead Discovery’s Internet marketing services including SEO services, PPC Services and overall lead generation strategy, please visit our website at


Jerry Nordstrom